Let the fun begin, where we not get to hear every little bit of dirt that can possibly be dug up by politicians. Although he hasn’t formally announce his presidential candidacy, he’s not exempt from having his dirty laundry aired. According to Miami-Dade County Elections Department, Bush identified himself as Hispanic on his voter registration. Could it have been a mistake? Yes.

On the other hand, the former Governor of Florida is fluent in Spanish and it’s well known that he is favored by Hispanics because of his position in regards to immigration. In all honestly, this isn’t going to hinder Jeb Bush’s potential campaign, it will likely enhance it because he identifies with Hispanics. A large demographic that Republicans didn’t have in their corner in previous elections.

Bush’s wife is from Mexico and they have three children, who are hispanic, therefore 80% of his family is Hispanic. Is it incorrect for him to identify with his family? He obviously knows that he is not Hispanic, but it’s also not an offensive or a horrible mistake he made on his voter registration.