Here’s a nice new project John and Nancy can work on together, seeing they are getting very good at closing deals. As in legislative deals where Democratic Party votes help pass legislation for the GOP House Speaker. For example, Democratic Representative Michael Capuano D-Mass said “this bill is my idea of a perfect situation” referring to the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act, which does some cautious pruning of Amtrak’s money-losing lines and other reforms, and was voted nay by conservatives who said it did far too little in trying to save taxpayer money. So perhaps John and Nancy can put together a revised, revitalized, reinvigorated high-speed train from Monterey to San Antonio. There’s already rumors the long-planned project might be put back on track, so to speak. As Rep Cuellar, D-Texas, after a meeting with Transportation Secretary Foxx last August said, “I think we’re going to get it done.” And of course, customs pre-clearance is an important part of the project.

With Obama’s executive action on amnesty still standing, and with DHS fully funded, think of the reduction in border delays offered by a new high speed rail line linking Mexico with Texas and the rest of the country. You could have a steady stream of illegal immigrants whisked into the heart of Texas and putting their hard-earned pesos to work helping to subsidize the enormously expensive project, instead of paying coyotes to take them across the Rio Grande. Perhaps the Chinese and the French could provide consulting services. Now the only detail to be cleared up, aside from who will get the enormous construction, engineering, and design sub-contracts, is how to make pre-customs affirmative and fair and welcoming. Let’s be honest. Who else in Monterey would get aboard a train to Texas aside from illegals hoping to start a new life in America? The people with money in Mexico will drive or fly and tourists and train lovers could go the other way south. But it will be illegals, working hand in hand with taxpayers who will help subsidize their voyage north on the rails, who will be the principal customers of a new high speed rail line. So let’s get to it John and Nancy. You have a wonderful long-term legacy-building mega=project beckoning on the US-Mexico border. How can you resist?