It sounds better saying you’re Libertarian, rather than saying you’re a pacifist. Sean Haugh seems to be both, but he is not shy about his pacifism. “I want to stop all war. Not only real war, but metaphorical war as well.” From military drones to militarized police to arms exports or even, one would suppose, any military support for allies abroad, Sean Haugh is dead set against it.. As he says on his page, “If everyone got comfortable inside their own skin, this world would be a much happier place.” But we don’t really need to shed a light on Haugh’s easy going libertarianism, he’ll do that himself in the debates in North Carolina. He’s running as the Libertarian Party candidate and if polls showing him receiving over 6% of the vote turn out to have been accurate on election night, he might upset the balance and draw voters away from either incumbent Kay Hagan or Republican Thom Tillis and hand victory to the other side. That is if voters don’t peel away and come to his cause in even proportions.

But Sean Haugh’s real calling card is not his chill-out-y’all philosophy, it’s the fact that he works delivering pizzas. Mainstream media now seem to have a crush on the oddball guy from Raleigh – although he was born in Arizona and raised in Tucson – and one wonders if he didn’t deliver large pepperonis with extra cheese for a living, whether they would have given him a second thought. He hasn’t just delivered pizzas of course. Back in 1980, he worked on Ed Clark’s libertarian campaign for president. David Koch, as in the Koch brothers, was Clark’s running mate. After taking some distance from libertarianism as a reaction to it’s brainy, debate-club posture, he returned to the cause in North Carolina in the 90’s leading the State Libertarian party and working for the Libertarian National Committee. He retired from politics in 2010 and now he’s back. What would Sean Haugh do if he were a Senator? Give the media lots of great sound bites from the Senate floor? Who knows. Who knows in fact, if he will even have a measurable effect on the North Carolina Senate race. He is certainly having a measurable effect on the media coverage in Raleigh.