Ferguson, Missouri has become a must-see destination for media and progressive activists, as well as criminal elements that have come from as far away as New York and Los Angeles according to local law authorities. Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol who had received and given hugs a few days ago is now furious. His officers received gunfire from protesters and a truckload of “activists/protesters” were detained with guns and a molotov cocktail. Amnesty USA’s director Steve Hawkins, a long-time advocate for prisoners, especially those on death row, stated he wasn’t sure if rocks were thrown by protesters, but did point out the obvious that police had used tear gas. He of course is now on the ground in Ferguson along with German media crews who can show violent images to a lustful European public who can cluck their tongues disapprovingly because police had to fire canisters at armed and violent protestors. Won’t you please come to Ferguson for a riot; and we don’t want to change the world as much as cause chaos and get a little looting in.

It is tempting to talk about the Weather Underground and their campaign of terror in the early 70’s as a protest against the Vietnam War. They were inspired by the rioting in Chicago in 1968 – they were an integral part of the rioters/protesters of course – and turned to out and out terror. Bill Ayers, the ex-leader of the group and a retired U of Illinois professor who has defined the Weather Underground’s bombing campaign as “extreme vandalism,” would surely approve of the molotov cocktails in Ferguson. He might even wax nostalgic about how he would have been on the front lines had he been a little younger. The left always justifies it’s violence through the prism of marxism and its class struggle. So it is clear that underneath the breathless tones of some of the media, as well as people like Amnesty’s Hawkins, there flows the stale, polluted waters of dialectical marxism whether they admit it or not.

It is tempting to make these sorts of analogies, but it’s a mistake. It only encourages and justifies further confrontations that end up giving way to the most violent, rather than those protesting peacefully. And it paints a picture, a false, distorted picture of events in Ferguson. Violent criminals are taking advantage of the protests; both to profit and because, well, they’re violent criminals. Justice will be done in Missouri, whether Hawkins, Sharpton, or reporters for Die Welt are present or not. And it will be done because Captain Ron Johnson and his men, along with the National Guard, restore order and because investigators do their job. Will criticism of militarized police tactics – now coming from some voices on the right as well as those on the left – be part of this rebuilding process? Undoubtedly, but at this point, disarming the rioters would seem to be the priority, not disarming the police.