The First Matter of Law


Filed Under Latest News on Aug 5 

What does it take to ensure a secure border? More than the resources – billions of dollars worth of materials and manpower – it is the clarity and fortitude to defend the border from within the sovereign state that is itself defined by that very border. Defined, that is, in more than just geographical terms. And to defend that border the state has to define – again, with clarity and strength – who can cross and who cannot cross that border. The nation’s laws begin precisely, in every sense of the word, at the border. After decades of increasing assaults on America’s sovereignty we now have another fatality. A US Border Patrol Agent shot to death by two illegals who had been deported multiple times and at least one of whom possesses a lengthy rap sheet. Shot to death wihile off duty fishing with his family, including a young child. Shot to death because the agent tried to defend himself from a robbery.

The robbery occurred near the border in Texas. In other words, it could have been anyone that day who might have been fishing with their family. It might have been a car salesman, a store clerk, a nurse with her husband. Anyone might have been exposed to the deadly assault that took away the agent’s life. The border area seems to becoming a no man’s land – it is worth remembering the term arose from the trenches of WW I – where those who are willing to break the law to enter the country mingle with those who break the law because they are hardened criminals looking for victims. How do you impose the law when people like Gustavo Tijerina and Isamael Vallejo, the two suspects, can enter and re-enter seemingly at will? You can’t say we’ll stop the bad guys but we’ll let the kids in. You either defend the border or you end up with the bad and the ugly coming in, and the good dying trying to defend themselves and uphold the law. The United States of America begins on that first square inch of territory that people like Tijerina and Vallejos step foot on. In the name of all those who defend the nation – on the border and overseas and within the borders – let us hope and pray that the Administration somehow, someday understands that the border is a matter of law, the first matter of law for anyone seeking to cross it.