I am no fan of my representative, Michael Grimm (NY-11). I have seen him as a man motivated more by photo ops and television appearances and stroking his own ego than for the task at hand. Additionally, he has been marred by scandals and unanswered questions dating back to his first primary campaign. Recently he was indicted after a two-plus year investigation by the DoJ on 20 federal charges. Unfortunately, I must question the charges against him by the federal government.

Originally, Rep. Grimm was accused of campaign finance impropriety linked to a scandal-scarred Rabbi who himself has just been offered a plea deal in Israel for a bribery case involving a top Israeli police official. For over two years the federal government has investigated Rep. Grimm on campaign charges all the while additional accusations appeared about other acts of questionable behavior, dealings, and associations.

Finally, in late April after all this time, Rep. Grimm was indicted on 20 counts including perjury, obstruction of justice, and tax evasion revolving around a health food restaurant he had prior to his congressional career. Essentially he is accused of paying workers in cash to circumvent several taxes, of actually planning this and using managers to assist him, of hiring undocumented workers, and of lying to federal agents when questioned. I must ask though, where are the charges in connection to the accusations that were originally levied against him?

I’m sorry, but as much as I dislike him, I feel unsatisfied with these charges and actually begin to feel that certain figures decided to launch a quest to destroy Rep. Grimm no matter what. If he is found guilty which I personally would not doubt for a second, then he must pay the price. But what he is accused of can probably be charged against a great many of restaurant owners in New York City; hiring undocumented workers, paying off the books to avoid taxes. That in no way makes it right but over 2 years were spent and who knows what sums of money spent in investigating something that leads to this. Furthermore, Rep. Grimm was indicted just after the deadline for replacing him on the ballot, greatly limiting the chances to replace him if his reelection campaign spirals out of control or he is found guilty.

Rep. Grimm is the only GOP representative in New York City, is an incredible fundraiser, and in his last election, faced an impotent Democratic challenger. The left wants this seat and in so much, there is the chance that certain prosecutors and investigators may’ve been overzealous in going after Grimm. There is also the chance that the feds know Grimm is guilty of what he was originally accused of and have more than enough evidence but dug so deep so as to indict him on something that wouldn’t come back to them. Rep. Grimm is a former FBI agent who had an interesting and storied career but who also left before retirement, some say “escorted out.”

Whatever the case, Rep. Grimm has been accused of campaign finance scandals, indecent sexual acts, mob ties, blackmail, embezzlement, and was taped verbally threatening the physical well being of a reporter. After over two years of investigation he is indicted on charges that are in no way rare in New York City and not connected to campaign finance. I’m sorry, there is more to this story and if Rep. Grimm is to go down, I hope it is not due to these charges but what his opponents originally levied against him.