By no means do I agree with what Donald Sterling said. He encouraged his narcissistic girlfriend to avoid African-Americans and that’s a deplorable thing for anyone to say. But for the longest-running owner of an NBA team, you’d think they at least wait a few days before running him out of town on a rail. They didn’t.
They labeled him, then promptly cut him off from the NBA. It’s only a matter of time before he’s forced to sell his team. I am not saying those steps are excessive. In light of his position, they are most likely entirely necessary. But the speed with which they were enacted hints that accusers were almost waiting in the shadows. To me, it’s like everyone is trying to show how racist they AREN’T by imposing harsher and harsher words on Sterling. The only level-headed comment I heard on Sterling was by basketball legend Charles Barkley: “…you can’t have this guy making statements like that … (if it’s Sterling on the recording), (Silver) has to suspend and fine him immediately.”

Notice Barkley first wanted to ensure it was Sterling that made the comments and then suggested a fine or suspension. Not crucifiction.

Everyone has someone in the family that has a racist streak. A grandfather that slips out a racist joke during Christmas, or some uncle that makes a crack about homosexuals. We roll our eyes or frown with disapproval and say “He comes from a different time.” We don’t like it, and we don’t really tolerate it, but we don’t immediately tar and feather them for saying it.

Sterling didn’t even get a day in court. Within days, his thirty-year career comes to a half and people are lining up to discuss what a horrible man he is. No one mentioned getting him sensitivity training, rehabilitation or therapy. They just want to see the man burn and light the candle of their self-righteousness off the flames. A little melodramatic, I know, but that’s nothing compared to the way he’s being lambasted on the airwaves.