Last week, a New Jersey woman named Susan Morgan sued the state for not permitting a vanity plate reading 8THEIST but allowing one reading BAPTIST. She said the state was discriminating against atheists.

Like many things in life, the incident reminded me of a South Park episode. Not everyone is fan of the show, so bear with me, but conservatives should be, since the creators take more jabs at runaway liberalism than anything else. On one episode, a rabidly radical mother decided a school’s Christmas decorations were offensive, so the town eliminated all references to religion in its Christmas decor. Eventually the Christmas pageant became children on an empty stage, dressed in monochrome costumes and chanting Happy happy happy happy. A strangely prophetic view of the U.S.

Whatever opinion you have of the show, its writers make a good point: eliminate everything considered “offensive” and the world’s going to become a pretty drab place.

I won’t argue with Shannon Morgan’s right to have the 8THEIST plate, but what exactly are her motives? Her lawsuit is making a point, and in doing so, she’s willing to chip away at the happiness of the vast majority of the country. She simply wants to make a stand for her atheist beliefs (ironic, isn’t it?).

Whether she wins or loses, it’s a slippery slope the U.S. is already sliding down. No religious license plate. No “Under God” in the Pledge. No Nativity scenes. No mention of God on our currency. It goes on and on. Every year, I hear “Merry Christmas” fewer and fewer times. Now it’s “Happy Holidays” everywhere. Public depictions of Christianity, because of frivolous lawsuits from the likes of Shannon Morgan, are now subtle and timid. In a decade or two, I’ll be attending my son’s Winter Solstice play, listening to him chant generic Winter songs and wondering what the holiday is all about. Even Santa Claus will become taboo.

Thanks, Shannon Morgan.