North Korea is what Stalin and Mao Zedong dreamed of creating, only in the case of the “Hermit Nation”, it worked. Millions of people working only for the good of the state, and the state boiling down to a single despotic ruler. No Roman ruler ever exerted such autonomous control. The rule of Kim il-Sung’s dynasty is so absolute, it’s almost a living cartoon. And, of course, it’s a living cartoon that is now preparing for yet another nuclear test, according to recent reports from South Korea.

It’s amazing to me that we have allowed North Korea to exist as long as it has, considering it is a country bent on the destruction of the U.S. That is not opinion; that is North Korea’s national policy. Just take a look at the country’s website. Equally amazing is the fact that we allow this brainwashed mass of Marxist zombies to reside within a literal stone’s throw from one of our closest allies, South Korea. I appreciate the technological products of South Korea, especially since I am using one of their intuitive products right now: a Samsung Chromebook. Our best opportunity to topple the nation, after the death of Kim Jong-il, came and went (with no move by President Obama) and with each passing day, his baby-faced son, Kim Jong-un, grows more dug in.

This is not like Russia or China, where the attraction and prosperity of capitalism eventually eclipsed the rhetoric of capitalism. North Korea’s leaders created such intense isolation with the Juche philosophy that there will never be a flood of capitalism, only a trickle.

With improved technology and a young leader that needs to prove himself to his obedient masses, the next few years with North Korea should be filled with more than rhetoric, and unless the U.S. steps in to silence the constant threats and lies of the nation, the cost may be our greatest Asian ally, South Korea.