First off, I am not keen on supporting a group that wants to have a 1880s era showdown with the federal government using shotguns and rifles. That’s both brave and stupid. There’s no deserted street in frontier towns anymore (although some paramilitary groups think there are). Courtrooms are the place for duels today.

That said, I do support cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s desire to bring attention to his plight in Nevada, and perhaps the threat of violence was the only way to do it. His family had used the land for cattle grazing for over a hundred years and, frankly, it was scrub land no one wanted. Somehow he made it work, and only now had the federal government decided to pursue him actively. The Feds say Bundy owes $1 million. Bundy says $300,000, which he will gladly pay…to the state of Nevada. The Bundy clan claims the issue is state’s rights and the intrusion of the U.S. government, and they gathered family and friends to defend their property with all the firearms the 2nd Amendment allows.

Honestly, I don’t think guns or violence or even sovereignty are the issues. What I see in all this is the lack of oversight by the federal government, and the complete waste of our money in going after Mr. Bundy. I see incompetence bordering on epic.

For a century his family used the land without a word from Uncle Sam. After the Feds claimed some kind of sovereignty over the land, Bundy used it for another twenty years. THEN the government decided to round up his cattle, taking 400 head before backing down to prevent violence. I see this as a shining example of bureaucracy at it’s worst. It takes the Feds twenty years to do something about an apparent “theft” and when they do, they spare no expense in destroying the man’s livelihood. No wonder why Bundy decided to pack a shotgun. I probably would as well.