Of the entire Bush clan, I admit Jeb Bush has never been my favorite. George H. W. Bush should have been a two-termer. World War II hero, ambassador, director of the CIA (my personal favorite) and eight years under the tutelage of Reagan. George W. Bush was a decent, hard-working man who fell victim to bad circumstances and never earned the loathing liberals love to heap upon him. Jeb Bush, though, eh… I would vote for him, but with a little caution. And his recent comments on immigration in a Fox News interview are exactly why.

During the interview at his brother’s presidential library, Fox News correspondent Shannon Bream asked about Bush’s policy toward immigration. His statement was a watery appeal to please immigrant voters, no doubt. “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family,” the former Florida governor said. Obviously, he wasn’t talking to the interviewer. He was speaking to potential voters.

Running for president does mean compromise. That’s understandable. The smartest summary I ever heard of a presidential bid was Get half the vote. Plus a little more. To gather that nationwide support, you need to compromise a little. But Jeb Bush’s comments are such a bleeding heart appeal to immigrant voters that it sounds like a pamphlet from Ralph Nader, not someone of Bush blood. Compromise legislation is one thing, but compromising beliefs is another.

If he runs, he plans on racing spreading a “hopeful, optimistic message.” Nothing wrong with a little optimism, but our incumbent president ran under the same philosophy and while the entire country waited for change, the change never happened, at least not for the better. For the last six years the Republican party has done little more than spin its tires in Congress, and it’s time for less optimism and more realism. George H. W. Bush took a realistic approach to Iraq, and his son took the same approach to terrorist threats and both made the world safer, albeit with a little controversy.

If he’s looking for blind optimism and wishful thinking, then maybe Jeb needs to switch political parties.