Whither Virginia?


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When asked if he would run again after his 1989 primary loss, the late New York Mayor Ed “Hizzoner” Koch issued the immortal political indictment: “The people have spoken…And they must be punished.” The aftermath of Terry McAuliffe’s victory in Virginia’s single term governor’s race may well test de Maistre’s proposition that every nation [or Commonwealth] has the government it deserves.

Well, Virginia, I guess you deserve Terry McAuliffe as your Governor.

I thought that in Year 5 of Team Obama we in the Commonwealth would have learned the danger of electing an untried and obviously unqualified person to the office of the Chief Executive. Like Obama, McAuliffe has never held a job for which he was ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the enterprise.

His singular claim to fame is that he was Bill Clinton’s bag man when Bill and Hillary ran the show at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As chairman of the DNC his job was to raise money for the Democratic party. And raise money he did. He raised money early and often – and from every possible source both legal, not so legal, and downright illegal.  But Terry didn’t care. Money is money.

For a party that publicly decries the abundance of corporate money in the political sphere, Terry McAuliffe’s DNC shoveled money in every single door of the White House. You can say what you want about the influence of money on politicians, but to say that it has none is simply naïve. Let me share with you one story of how the not-so-legal money Terry raised now has real-world impact.

Way back in the late 1990s, Loral Space and Communications hired the Chinese to launch a few of their satellites into orbit. China used their “Long March” boosters to deliver the payloads – and at the time they weren’t very good at it. It’s important to know that the same technology used to launch satellites is also used to guide Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) on their mission to deliver nuclear warheads to far flung targets.

Bear in mind that Terry was the DNC Chief at the time and the DNC was raising money hand over fist. A good chunk of this ill-gotten booty came through now convicted felon Johnny Chung. Chung served as a conduit for a large money “donation” from China’s People’s Liberation Army Lieutenant Colonel Liu Chaoying. Yes, I do know the DNC “returned” the money years afterwards. That said, it was still money raised illegally from a foreign national. It was illegal then. It’s illegal now. This happened under prolific fundraiser Terry McAuliffe’s watch. Again, to Terry, money is  money. The source doesn’t matter.

So, if you’re still reading this I’m sure you’re wondering “What’s your point, Cordeiro? What’s the real world impact of Terry’s prolific Chinese fundraising?”

Why thank you for asking.

Last week, China’s state run media released detailed information on the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s new submarine fleet. Along with this propaganda they also printed a map of the United States showing potential targets and the short and long term effects of radiation released from submarine launched ICBMs.

Remember that before Bill Clinton gave China ballistic missile technology, their rockets had a bad habit of exploding. Now the Chinese are openly threatening most of the United States with nuclear holocaust.

Think on that for a minute. Then remember that without Terry McAuliffe’s illicit campaign war chest building, Bill Clinton would have been a one-term failed President living out his retirement days in Little Rock.

So, Virginia, Bill Clinton’s bag man is now your Governor. It’s the first real job of any consequence he’s ever held. You, the people, have spoken. I sincerely hope your punishment isn’t as severe as America’s has been under Team Obama.

Because, hey, this was all about keeping birth control legal. Uh, huh. Yeah. Let me know how that works out for you.

Here endeth the lesson.