Brown University’s student body should be hanging their heads in shame this week. They should be appalled and angered by what some of the students did in a speech this week, shouting down Commissioner Ray Kelly with insults and accusations. Something tells me, though, in a culture of entitlement and stifled discussions, it will be more of a piece of pride than a realization of their respect and that is the saddest statement of all.

My generation has taken a bad wrap for a long time as being one of entitlement and self gratification above all else. The reasons, some studies have shown, is our baby boom parents who gave us more than they had and tried to do better in showing us we could be anything we wanted. Sure, these are all great things and there is something to be said about the biological direction and nurturing we received. Yet, we as a generation must do better on our own… must try harder for us and not look for excuses.

The shouting down of Commissioner is not helping our negative image in the generational lineup. We have men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedoms, many of our classmates, family, and friends, and yet, we use that freedom to shout instead of talk. We use our freedoms to demean instead of civilly discuss. Maybe, if those students had listened, they would have had a leg to stand on. We should not be afraid to disagree but if that results in shouting, then we have lost the battle. Our generation has hindered progression with leftist views among the loudest and quiet whispers among we conservatives. It is time that civility reigned supreme and we used our words not just loudly but effectively. Shutting down Commissioner Kelly is an embarrassment and should be seen as such. Nothing more nothing less. The points that could have been made from an actual discussion are lost and some kids on Brown’s campus are taking pride when they should be angered by their lack of control. Well done, my generation, well done…