The Federal Government, as well as several states, announced recently that there will be cuts made to the federal budget and, specifically, the food stamp program. Individuals across the United States could see as much as forty dollars in food money from the government, an act which is not shocking though highly upsetting to those on food stamp aid. Though there will be many good and hard working individuals who need the money left shocked, surprised, and frustrated by the reduction, there is a potentially important lesson that should be learned: do not rely on the government.

There is no doubt that a civil society should have safety nets in place for those that need it. It is the principle of helping neighbor and friend and doing unto others as you would have done unto you. We never know when problems will strike and the best laid of plans will give way to unforeseen and tragic circumstances. Yet, the government, specifically the current American system of modernity, has created an unrealistic expectation that they will always be there to pick up the pieces or even help those who really could help themselves.

The result in this is that when the government’s budget is cut or when people must rely on themselves, family, friends, and the private organizational system, there is a drawback and a recoiling of uncertainty. When you think the government is the end all be all of your happiness and fortune or even in an emergency situation, reduction of that aid can be surprisingly debilitating. It is time that we, as a nation, relied on our government less and the private generosity of citizens more. Moreover, it is our government that could do the greatest service by encouraging this type of action rather than relying on them to attain the power and do it for us. We are the greatest (still) country on earth. Let us do the work rather than the leaders we loathe.