Racial Hyperbole Once Again


Filed Under Congress on Oct 24 

What can be said about hyperbolic imagery and politics? That they go hand in hand? That it is right? That the images that are used are freedom of speech and opinion? Maybe all of these aspects are correct and maybe they are all morally wrong.

In a recent campaign add, Florida Congressman Alan Grayson decided to use a slam against the Tea Party in propaganda for his campaign. The Tea Party is a movement with a lot of strength in garnering attention so it is not wonder that they are the current political punching bag. What Grayson did, however, was go far beyond the hints and suggestions that this group of Americans is racist and somehow hates our President and his policies solely because he is African-American. In the advertisement itself, Grayson went so far as to use the image of a burning cross, signifying not only this Tea Party disdain but also joining in using an image of such hatred and volatility that it should be one that is never used in jest.

What this highlights is not that the leftists like Grayson who profit in hyperbole are wrong, though they are. It highlights again the use of race as a tool of division not by the right but by the left. Are there in fact racists in the Tea Party? Probably…just as there are in the Democratic Party, pro-choice movements, and green causes as well. The African American population of this country has been a target and a political play for the Democrats since they knew they could garner their votes. They have been reminded of slavery, of an unrealistic inferiority that is needed by the left to hold them down, and yet, they continue to support the party. Another great awakening is needed in this country. One where the race baiters are told that they will not use race alone to garner a vote and they will not use the disgusting and sad and angering discrimination of the past to achieve their goals. Enough is enough.