With the United States focused on Obamacare and its consistent failures before full implementation even begins, there are many scandals and potential problems that are being pushed to the backburner. Anyone remember Benghazi? One of the scandals and problems that is being avoided and may potentially cause harm to our foreign policy amidst the consistent threat to our domestic sanity is Edward Snowden. Remember him?

Whether it was to stay relevant or a true threat, the young man who has leaked several national security secrets to the media is at it again. Snowden’s father has released a statement that expounded on the potential for more secrets to be pushed into the media spotlight if his son deems so. Though it is Lon Snowden’s belief that Russian and Chinese authorities have no access to this information, he cannot promise that his son will not try to do something hostile with the information in the future.

The problem with the Snowden case is not in his access and providing of confidential materials. Rather, it is in the fact that he has single handedly controlled his own situation from the beginning. This young punk, though you may feel he is doing a service, is not willing to stand up for what he supposedly believes is right. In running away to a foreign country and hiding behind authorities that have no respect for our nation, he has showed the cracks in the national security policy of this administration. Russia is literally giving the middle finger to the United States and is doing so because he truly does not fear us. There is something to be said for fear. It keeps nations on edge and believing that words have impact and threats follow through. The Snowden case highlights that the nation sees America as weakening, not only financially but in their relations with foreign governments. No, we need not be warhawks and we need not be overly aggressive…. But the idea we might be is okay with me.