One need not look to a study or to a newspaper article in order to realize that the economic picture for many American families is a bleak one. Young people and middle-aged, formally educated and not, male and female, across demographic lines there is a unique and interesting trend that unites many groups in America: struggle. More than just a feeling or an observation, however, there is now the unnecessary yet (ironically) needed quantification of these feelings for solidified absorption by academics and the mass public alike via more and more research into this economic downturn.

A study by the Opportunity Nation Coalition found that there was an increase in the number of young people looking for work. Among their findings, over five million young Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 were struggling to find themselves firmly positioned in the career world. Just one of many, this study helps to bring to light once again just how tough these times are and that, no matter what is discussed by our current Administration or the glowing reviews that he himself provides, the struggles of the American people are real.

What is amazing, from a political standpoint, that is amongst the suffering and those who are facing job losses, healthcare failures, and more, that there is still an adherence to the Obama Administration policies. There is a belief in the master of all things political rather than recognizing that his policies are helping to create a downturn at worst and at best, they are simply prolonging an unneeded and able to be helped situation. The gentleman in charge is doing very little right in many ways, but one thing that he is doing right is controlling his minions and those that will follow what he says without looking further into the accuracy of it. Though, I believe, he is failing as a leader when it comes to actual leadership, I wish that the other party and those who challenge his beliefs for the good of America harnessed the power of his messaging and used it for good instead of evil.