There are many different adjectives that can be thrown about when it comes to Obamacare and the physical debate. From confusing to complicated to socialistic, the descriptors seem to range in the area of negativity rather than positivity among the public. Yet, as rhetoric on both sides of the political aisle continues to heat in its temperature, it was unlikely that those on the left would make it about race again…right? Wrong. Once again the left is searching for a way to spin the debate and make it about race and the mainstream media continues to play into the charade.

In recent days, as the debate on Capitol Hill rages and both intra and inter party politics becomes more and more involved, political pundits, officials, and members of the media are trying their best to create a new narrative. Critics of the republican and tea party efforts to stop funding of Obamacare, pay down the debt, and fiscally restrain the government, are finding themselves being labeled as racist. Suddenly, those who hate the President’s legislation are being told that they must hate a non-white president and that is the crux of their issues with Mr. Obama and Democratic Party efforts.

The sad thing is not simply that the left accuses the right of being racist. Rather, it is the idea that they use such a disgusting word and adjective to describe a situation that has nothing to do with race. To exploit and apply the descriptor of racism to every situation that does not go there way is absolutely ridiculous and in itself racially biased. It inevitably puts the President in a position of victimhood and weakness, rather than strength and fortitude. By calling every critic a racist without them truly being so, the left is inevitably creating a situation in which the President is viewed as one who could not possibly be argued with on the merits of his case… nor is he held to the standard of having to defend his position on its merits. Rather, they are allowing him to walk away without genuinely addressing the issue by creating a bully and a disease that does not exist. In this way, then, I would argue that the left and their claims of racism are not only paving the way for a failed state of policies but also making the road harder for minorities in the future to reach the same level as President Obama. Well done lefties… well done.