Republicans are really digging a grave here. I understand the rejection and condemnation for Obamacare, but it doesn’t appear the President is willing to negotiate. If he was willing to negotiate the government wouldn’t have shut down.

When Obama spoke yesterday, he placed every ounce of blame on Republicans, and a lot of people understand that this wouldn’t have happened if both sides weren’t at fault. However, the President takes zero accountability for this government shutdown and just keeps shaming and pointing his finger at the GOP.

This leaves the GOP in a worst spot than they were in before. Now, millions of people have listened to the propaganda of our President who 100% blames the Republican Party for the government shutdown. If…and this is a very big “if”… the President does agree to a negotiation, say of the medical device tax, and they approve a budget and everyone goes back to work, Obama is going to appear to be the hero. Which is utter garbage because that tax is garbage and never should’ve existed anyway.