It’s D.C. Not Vegas…


Filed Under Congress, Obama News on Sep 30 

Who’s calling who’s bluff? Obama is refusing to negotiate whatsoever and has promised to veto any negotiations or compromises for “Obamacare” also known as the “Not-So-Affordable-Care-Act.” Therefore, you can’t remove all blame from the President when he is looking at this situation as a Dictator would; “It’s my way, or my way.”

On the other hand, you can’t say the the people elected to make these decisions have our best interest in mind. What if their paychecks stopped at midnight? It wouldn’t have even come close to this, this time or all of the other times. With the GOP and Obama standing their ground, we’re all just hanging out on the rest of the ground of the United States.

We’re watching a bunch of pompous, egotistical bags of wind portray dysfunction at its finest, and they’re willing to just roll the dice. However, Obamacare is a logistical nightmare, but it’s not up to congress to change it because the Obama refuses to negotiate in any way. Which reminds me; didn’t he say he’d be open to negotiation and bipartisanship before he was re-elected? Typical.


  • German Observer

    You should consider the fact, that Obamacare has already been negotiated. Didn’t it take a year or so to find the compromise, which already is a law and has been found to be constitutional. Everything is said and done. So, there is no reasn at all t negotiate it another time.

    What this shows is one of the weaknesses of the US-political system. Those who highjack the congress, the Republican Party and the nation as a whole simply follow their very own interestes as they know that they do have to stad in elections in roughly a year – and they calculate to have better chances when acting as people of principle. Thats what this is all about.