There has to be something said for Senator Ted Cruz and the uproar he has ignited in the House. It has been a long time since we’ve witnessed a Republican vs. Republican scene. However, I can’t be mad. Defunding Obamacare has been the objective for quite some time, but somehow we keep finding our country at the mercy of a small group of people and time is always of the essence.

For far too long, the anti-partisanship has slowly and steadily lowered the standard of this nation, and it’s to the point that any type of agreement is celebrated no matter how poor or inadequate the decision is. In the greater picture, this is essentially part of Cruz’s agenda. For the first time in a long time, we’re witnessing a politician have a back bone about something. This has been killing Republicans for years, so our nation has settled for a lower standard time and time again. That’s not going to lead us to anything prosperous. Will a government shutdown lead to prosperity? Not exactly, but with the way things have been shaping up over the years, a lot of things don’t look like they lead to prosperity in our nation. In a way, Ted Cruz is somewhat refreshing because he’s not like the others.