Once again, the battle on Capitol Hill rages when it comes to Obamacare and the national debt. This time, the debt ceiling and government shutdown are being held hostage in an effort to sway legislatures into defunding the large Affordable Care Act. House Republicans are leading the march in this effort, and reached a victory (so to speak) in that a resolution was passed stating that the Obamacare funding would be redacted and the government would stay open through mid-December.

The truth of the matter is, however, that this is largely politics. Sure, yes, there are principles (potentially) behind the efforts of members of the House are tired (like the American people) of the Obamacare legislation. The fact remains, though, that this is simply delaying what could potentially be the inevitable. Lawmakers are going to have to make that choice between a full shutdown or leaving their defunding principles at the door. Chances are both sides of the aisle will make the choice to raise the debt ceiling, continue spending, and worry about Obamacare and other legislative issues another day.

The fact is that even the best laid of intentions fail in this circumstance and create more theater than progress. There needs to be a real discussion, an honest discussion, about the fallacies, problems, and struggles of the Obamacare enterprise. Leaders on both sides of the aisle and the big guy in the White House fail to see the prudence in this matter. There seems to be no leadership in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that is even willing to discuss the matter thoroughly. Republicans, too, have become used to simply passing the legislation to increase the ceiling and it appears this trend will only continue. It is time that politics was less about politics and more about actual progress. But it appears nothing will change…for now.