John Boehner is on the war path, literally and figuratively. The leader, who went semi-rogue in supporting military actions in Syria, has realized that his support of the President may have just weakened himself, strengthened Obama, and not done much for governmental relations. Speaker Boehner is letting it be known on Capitol Hill and in the media that he is not happy with the cold shoulder he is receiving from the President. With a vote to defund Obamacare looming, the President seems more interested in talks with Russia’s Putin than his own Congress.

This isn’t necessarily a surprising move. The President has had a less than amicable relationship with members of Congress, specifically in the Republican Party. He simply cannot, it seems, lower himself to speak with his underlings in the House and Senate. He would rather parade about the country on speaking engagements, give staged and canned press conferences with no question and answer, or simply ignore the problems of his administration all together. The result is a President that continues to see a strained relationship with Congress and yet, doesn’t seem to care.

The President’s arrogance is mind blowing in many respects. It appears he has taken his role in leadership as one that is completely one sided. There is no negotiation (really), no great deals to be made, and if there are, it all seems to be beneath him. He fails to connect with others and set the images of Presidents past who believed that working together was something that was par for the course (no pun intended). While being principled and standing your ground is one thing, this President seems to get more frustrated and angry with the idea of compromise than actually interested in even feigning that it is occurring. The future of the US could be at stake and the President simply doesn’t care, or wouldn’t care, to hold the meetings and really get something accomplished. Now, if only the mainstream media began to take an interested look in his lack of ability to deem himself worthy of negotiation for the little people that would be great.