War on Coal Continued


Filed Under Foreign Affairs on Sep 18 

The President’s war on coal and EPA initiatives are beginning to rear their ugly heads once again. In an effort to make the world a cleaner place (though no one else in the world is really attempting this with much success), the President has set his targets on regulating the coal industry in the United States. Specifically, he is putting down regulations on new technologies that would be required of plants to use. This would help, he says, to cut down on carbon gas emissions by setting a threshold of release and capping how much pollution each plant can emit into the atmosphere through a rerouting procedure. The problems of this form of redirection, however, could be extremely problematic.

The new technologies that are being discussed for potential enforcement in Obama Land Rules would require that coal plants reroute the carbon emitted from their plants to an underground region. If it remains underground, there may be some success in helping to protect the air immediately surrounding the plants . However, it is not known completely what the dangers of this technology are and many are warning, they could be severe. If, for some reason, the technology failed and the carbon rose to the surface, there could be dire consequences. Not only would the individuals at the plants be at risk, but anyone near a testing facility could see tremendous harm done to them if it were to explode.

The untested technology has yet to be implemented but it is in the Obama plan for EPA regulations. The truth is that they are not very happy with the nature of the coal industry in the US and are single handedly trying to kill it in its tracks. Union support on the decline, a war to coal in the name of environmental betterment is a sad ploy at harming an industry that is the backbone of this country for some political agenda. The coal industry is on guard and angry by recent developments.