Obamacare is facing opposition across both the private and public sectors. The unions, however, have been one of the largest complainants about the bill, a crucial player in the liberal base. With membership down in the AFL-CIO and many labor union members becoming increasingly upset by the parameters placed upon them with the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration is taking note and taking action; actions which have not exactly been received well in the eyes of Republicans.

In a sweetheart deal, the Obama Administration is working with the AFL-CIO to make some accommodations to earn their support by providing a kickback. In essence, the laborers’ unions want to be cut out of some of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act in a way that those private citizens would not be. Specifically, the unions are looking for an out that would allow them to avoid their lower income workers paying the higher rates and avoiding the costs that other lower income members of the public will be forced to undertake.

It looks as if there will be a sweetheart deal by the Obama Administration as it pertains to labor unions. The recent actions by many of these groups have caused the President’s liaisons and many Democratic officials to take note that they are in potential danger of losing a strong member of their base. This is a threat that is being taken very seriously as the Obamacare legislation is facing an increasingly uphill battle in both the public and the private sectors. If a deal is to come down the pike, however, it is likely to upset more than just Republican lawmakers. Rather, it is likely to disturb the psyche of those Americans who still believe in fairness, justice, and those who want better from their governmental officials and their President.