The United States is once again embarrassing itself when it comes to talks about military endeavors and chemical weapons in Syria. Secretary of State Kerry has met with Russian and Syrian representatives regarding the matter and more specifically, focused on a potential deal to transfer the chemical weapons into the hands of international authorities, if found. It appears, however, that the threat of military intervention is no longer convincing enough and Assad is growing in his efforts to challenge and, ultimately, discredit the efforts of the United States.

Officials on Capitol Hill are concerned by the nature of the talks between the three countries. First, there is the obvious role of Russia in the exchange of weapons and diplomatic talks. Putin, a foe of the Administration whether our President is willing to recognize it or not, has been controlling and manipulating the situation from the beginning. From intervening in military policy in the United States (a Russian president DICTATING the course of events in the US is absurd in numerous ways…let alone that he does not like us), to taking an interest in a human rights story (not really but that’s what they have you believe) which is far from his normal demeanor, to actually challenging our policy, Putin is controlling our leaders and for whatever reason it cannot be good.

There is also the fact that the aforementioned Russian official (turned diplomat…?) has insulted the American people and our leadership time and again during the process. Our beliefs, our stances, they are all offensive to him and it is as if he is laughing at us through every inch of this process. Then, of course, there is Assad himself who is now pushing the envelope and making more stipulations and demands of the US in his talks. Knowing that he has Russia backing him has to make him feel good and he is using this to his every advantage. Time will tell how these talks play out and what, if anything, we do in the process. All I know is that we are being laughed at across the globe while others are standing with their jaws wide opened and the President does not seem to mind (or even worse, he doesn’t care).