Unions continue to become disenchanted with the Obama Policies on wages and immigration, threatening the success and strength of the organization. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union is among those voicing opposition with both their mouths and their feet. Obamacare and Immigration reform are two of the reasons that leaders of this union said that they would no longer be a part of the AFL-CIO, officially severing all ties and speaking out in an open letter to Richard Trumka.

The idea that a union would leave the AFL-CIO so publicly would have been relatively unheard of in the past ten years. Prior to the Obama Administration’s most controversial of positions on immigration and healthcare, there seemed to be a united front among labor and the Democrat’s position. Though underlings (in the union’s eyes…also known as workers) were becoming increasingly disenchanted with the growing trends, there was this need to provide a solid front in the media and on Capitol Hill. After all, the unions and the Democrats alike rely on a sense of team between them in order to ensure kickbacks and policy preferences are pushed forward, not for the union workers but for the union itself. Suddenly, there is a growing disconnect that not even the top echelon of Union promoters can ignore: the workers are angry, they are hurting, and they are starting to wake up to the fact that the Democrats (specifically Obama) and the union leadership may just not have their best interests at heart.

Whether or not more unions follow suit and begin distancing themselves from the big labor bosses has yet to be seen. However, it is a growing trend that could potentially have ramifications for the future. If the Republicans were able to capitalize on this separation successfully or if there was a general disenchantment that led to an apathy, this could greatly change the party dynamics on both sides of the aisle. Time will tell whether the bosses can retain power over the labor movement or the other tricks that Washington elitists have up their sleeves.