President Obama is on the war path again, so to speak, and using his powerful voice to put fear in the hearts of veterans. The President, in a speech to veterans, spoke about the threats to their benefits that could become reality due to the sequestration. Once again, the President put the blame squarely on everyone but him, asserting that it was the big bad Congressmen that are the cause of the problem. Calling the spending cuts in the budget “reckless,” the President asserted that he was a friend of the military and it was everyone else’s fault that these cuts could come down the pike.

The President, however, failed to admit a few things in his speech. First, it was the White House that initiated sequestration. It is at his feet that this problem lies, and he is just beyond admission. A bit of humility may help him in this case but the fear mongering continues with this Administration. The problem is everyone else’s. It is not his and it never will be. He has passed the buck and is failing to admit that sequestration would never be a reality if he had not decided to avoid budget talks, and signed the 2011 bill which included sequestration. When facts are not his friend, he avoids them.

Further, framing the issue is crucial. The President speaks to the fact that the budget cuts were out of control and without rational thought. However, leaving a bloated government that can’t pay its debts and lives in the red would be more than harmful to military expenditures. The President knows that a nation entrenched in debts would see much worse cuts if the collectors came calling. Picking victims and exploiting them with fear is beyond despicable but par for the course. It just becomes a larger problem to ignore when it is our military veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country that are the recipients of his feigned pity and concern.