Anthony Weiner’s face is all over daytime news and crowding out the headlines in the paper. The man whose sexual life is more well-known in popular culture than, seemingly, any other topic in quasi-politics has once again distracted the American public with his not so secret extramarital activities. Republicans, however, are not amused by the behavior of Weiner. Not only for his decision to remain as a candidate for New York City mayor and the seeming entrapment of the public in his “Carlos Danger” saga, but also the light he is taking from actual scandals.

There is no doubt that Democrats, too, do not enjoy the parade of different sexual escapades of former members of
Congress at times when it does not fit their narrative. But, the distraction from the mess that is going on in the White House, on Capitol Hill, and around the halls of our government may be welcomed in this situation. Suddenly, George Zimmerman and Carlos Danger are taking center stage while heroes who lost their lives in Benghazi, the NSA scandals, and other confrontations and conflicts drift to the wayside and are forgotten.

The anger over the lack of focus on Benghazi has seemed to become a fixture on Capitol Hill and among Republicans, who refuse to allow the lives of our diplomats be wasted in a sea of false narratives. With the new FBI director now in place, a group of ten Republican lawmakers are seething with frustration at the slow pace of the investigation. No one seems to be treating this issue with a sense of urgency. No one seems to be as passionate about the lack of decency with which these men were slaughtered. No one, including our President, appears to want to take the time away from vacations and golfing to address the situation. And while the public watches Zimmerman and the depravity of Anthony Weiner, the fallen at Benghazi continue to be insulted. It is time for the President to take ownership and leadership, if he is capable.