Snowden Continues to Taunt US


Filed Under Latest News on Jul 18 

Edward Snowden is playing a waiting game, a game of cat and mouse with the United States. The young man who placed himself in the center of an international manhunt because of his release of confidential information is considered to be highly dangerous. No, not dangerous in terms of arms or ammunition. Rather, intelligence experts and security officials fear that the young criminal may have much more damning information that could hurt the United States if released.

Snowden, who is currently in Russia seeking asylum until he can find a safe and secure means of traveling to Latin America, has been seeking the help of human rights attorneys and asking the country–and its citizens–for help. The man who is living at a Russian airport has used the mass means of communication through the terminal to state his case and plead for help from those in power. The next move of the Russian government is not known, and until then Snowden appears to be a sitting duck… literally.

The Guardian, a UK newspaper who published the information of Snowden’s leaks and its findings, has taken a very active role in helping the young man. A representative from the paper, along with Wikileaks spokespeople, has asserted that Snowden has more information that could greatly harm the United States and their worldwide perception if leaked. They make the point that several news agencies internationally have this information and, if something were to happen to Snowden, the information would then be released. They assert that Snowden had no desire to harm the American government and no want to continue to release information. Simply, as Snowden himself states, he was simply trying to do the morally right action.

Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill are not amused by Snowden’s activities. It is clearly demonstrating, arguably, the weakness of the power of the United States in working with other countries or instilling enough fear in them to return the young man home. Snowden, who deems himself a moral vigilante of sorts and one speaking and acting for the greater good, is now afraid to face the consequences of his actions. Time will tell how the scenario plays out but, this young man’s actions have compromised national security and may have just shown how weak our American stance in the world truly is, a tangible representation of what Conservatives and Republicans have been touting since Obama’s Apology tours began.