Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced this week that she will be resigning her post. Often a lightning rod for scrutiny from Republicans, Napolitano has said her resignation comes from her desire to seek another form of work. Specifically, she will be stepping down in hopes of becoming a successful president of the University of California. The move leaves more than just a void in the position. Rather, this longtime supporter of the President, even amid scrutiny, will force the Administration to seek out someone as die hard and loyal as she.

Though the loss will be one that could be potentially detrimental to the President, it is also an opportunity for outreach. In his highly contentious Presidency and one that has been filled with partisan divide, Republicans are hopeful that this nomination will be one that is rooted in reaching toward Republican sentiments. It could be a chance for the President to rise above his perceived disconnect with conservatives and at least appear more of a bridge-builder than a divider.

Others, however, believe that the President will choose someone not out of reaching out but a desire to stay entrenched in his own beliefs. Another soldier, essentially, for the policies that he supports and the positions that he wishes to take. There is no reason to believe that the President is in the habit of creating bridges between the political parties. In fact, he has been seen as more of a divider than a joiner, arguably, by many in both the public and in politics. Therefore, it is not outside the realm of reason to believe that he will continue this trend toward division rather than compromise. Napolitano has not been without her criticisms and concerns, as aforementioned. It is safe to say, then, that there will be many on both sides that will not be sorry to see her go.