The world is enthralled in a debate over the Zimmerman Trial. The verdict will assuredly satisfy some and create anger on the other side. The case, which seems to this humble writer, to be a case of self-defense with no factual basis to believe it was racially motivated, has become a focal point of this country. While there is no doubt that a loss of any life at the hands of another person should be given its due diligence in finding out if wrong doing was done, the national controversy that has followed this case is nothing more than a way to occupy the masses in order that other issues get pushed to the back of the mind.

It may sound callous even anger you, but the fact that some of the United States top officials–including the President himself–has waded into what should have been a local case of justice is not for the goodness of the American people. It is not even for justice for Trayvon Martin, if someone is so inclined to believe that he did not play a role in the conflict. Rather, it is a direct attempt to divert attention away from important matters this Administration, and this government as a whole, simply do not want to deal with. From Benghazi (remember that?) to the IRS and even to immigration policy, laying the seed for focus on the Zimmerman trial was at best an intentional step toward refocusing a nation.

I would even take this one step further. The President is not above partisanship (shock… I know). He is not above dividing and conquering, whether it be between Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, or even persons of color and whites. The President only benefits among his key base when he inflames racial tensions under the guise of justice and this is a clear cut representation of that. He knows that if tensions are high he benefits. Cynical? Yes. Truth-based? Absolutely. Time will tell how the court room plays out but there is no doubt that conflict benefits the president.