IRS Has More Explaining to Do


Filed Under Latest News on Jul 10 

The IRS has been under scrutiny in recent months for a myriad of allegedly problematic and controversial behaviors. Most notably, the tax agency has been under fire for the targeting of political, social, and educational groups-mainly conservative and Tea Party organizations-and making the process to achieve tax exempt status much more difficult. The group, now charged with the task of enforcing Obamacare legislation, has raised eyebrows further for its lavish activities, social gatherings, and employee seminars which range into the millions of dollars. The main funding source for the IRS being the American people, the waste of taxpayer money is not going over well by both fiscal aware conservatives and liberals alike.

The controversy does not end there, however, for the overly active tax agency. Now, the agency is in trouble for distributing and sharing information via a IRS website that was highly sensitive to personal security and private. According to the IRS itself, the agency has been brought to task for sharing thousands of Social Security numbers of Americans on a government website. The agency itself confirmed that this breach of security did exist, thanks to a privacy hawk group that noted the mistake. Since then, all information has been removed from the website and no longer appears on the social media site. The question of how much damage has been done, however, is not likely to be known.

The actions are likely to bring a simultaneous cringe and smirk to those investigating the agency for wrongdoing. Republicans and Democrats alike, albeit a dwindling number of the original liberal critics, have another example of the sheer incompetency of the organization at best and the downright idiocy of its policies. The IRS is literally imploding around itself and heightened levels of scrutiny are likely to follow it in the future. The question, however, becomes whether or not any real changes are likely to occur or whether this, like so many breeches of trust by the government, will simply fade away into obscurity.