Tuesday Open Thread


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The controversy of the DOMA repeal has many people arguing that now singles are being “singled out.” After the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned, do you think marriage should have been completely overturned, which would ultimately be less government? Should we get rid of marriage through government all together, and let everyone have their social marriages in whatever institution they prefer?

Secondly, Irish mobster “Whitey” Bulger is on trial and unfortunately it’s not nationally broadcasted, rather we have the Zimmerman trial, which isn’t even a fraction as interesting. Is anyone else as disappointed about this as I am?


  • Gay Marriage Fallacy

    The gay marriage debate is based on a false argument. We should not ever have gotten to this point. It’s not the marriage that’s wrong, it’s the relationship. Homosexual relations are wrong – period. Thousands of years of men and women having sexual relations the way the body is meant to, and resulting children, is all the evidence you need. It’s not that complicated. It’s just a shame we let the argument advance to marriage because it assumes the issue is about contracts, labels and benefits. It’s not.

  • BusyPoorDad

    I remember the complaints from same sex couples after NY made marriage legal for them and the big employer that offered health benefits to same sex couples and married couples announced they would be dropping domestic partner coverage and going back to just married couples.

    It seems this is unfair to those same sex couples who don’t want to marry (mostly on the grounds they can’t get married in a church so they don’t feel they can marry was the argument) So the activists threatened to sue (because you are forcing people to marry against their will) and in the end the employer expanded coverage to all domestic partners same sex or not.

    This is the opposite of what another employer just did, announce if your spouse has employment that offers health coverage, they can’t be on your plan.