The Senate voted this week to push forward a bill on immigration that has been the beneficiary of much praise and much criticism. In a 67 to 27 vote, Senators made the decision to end talks on an amendment that was added just recently. The vote signified more than just the pushing forward of a bill that could legalize the presence of millions of illegal immigrants in the country. Rather, it is an indicator that the bill will proceed with success and passage through the upper branch of Congress and be ready to be signed into law, much to the chagrin of many Republican Party members.

The bill has been under scrutiny for its perceived weakness on border security. The amendment, added last week, was meant to silence the naysayers by adding elements of heightened control of the border. The amendment would increase the amount of border patrol agents to double the number now on stationed there. Further, the fence is expected to increase per this amendment hundreds of miles beyond its current stature.

The 119 page bill has numerous intricacies and additives, however, which are raising concern. Senator Jeff Sessions, a Republican from Alaska, has warned that this is a bill that is harkening back to ObamaCare where there was such a rush to pass that the details were not fully understood. His point may be a valid one as both House and Senate leadership are urging a quick passage of the bill with Senator Harry Reid hoping for a pre-July 4th vote.

The idea that a bill this big and robust, meant to overhaul the immigration system as it is currently structured, is being seemingly pushed through without full consideration should be viewed as concerning. It could take years to unravel the benefits and the hidden traps in the law and, ultimately, the country may be a less secure one as a result. Time will tell how far the President’s push goes and how weak the bill truly may be. But, if it is anything like ObamaCare, it may do much more harm than it could possibly do good.