The Immigration Bill is coming closer and closer to a vote in the Senate. Republicans and conservatives are coming under fire from both leadership and their constituents about the bill’s nuts and bolts. It is a concern of many that the Party is not taking a strong enough stance on border security, leaving last minute amendments hanging in the air that could begin to build a coalition among the Party elite and moderates alike. The infighting, however, has become a public display with Democrats sitting back and watching. Though the bill would be one that would affect their constituents equally, Democratic Senators are taking the backseat in promotion and support of the bill, but why?

There are clear reasons why Democrats are putting efforts elsewhere in their legislative efforts. First, and foremost, is the fact that the Republican’s public bickering is beneficial to their causes. A party that is not unified is easier to break apart when the time comes. Like a snake in the grass, they are waiting for the appropriate time to exploit this fighting and either use it to divide and conquer or simply point out the perceived inadequacies of their opposition.
Another reason that Democrats are pulling back in their conversation regarding the immigration debate is because they feel they have the constituency that it would most affect, Hispanic and Latino immigrants, are strongly in their camp.

The champions of immigration rights (illegal and legal) is a self-ascribed adjective that the Democratic Party provides themselves, with good reason based upon past national elections. They feel as if taking a subservient role, yet active in the Gang of 8, can work to their advantage. Simply sit back and wait for the opportunity to criticize when it presents itself, a tactic that may serve them well if the fighting and bickering among the GOP continues.