The infighting on Capitol Hill among Republicans continues over the immigration bill. The bipartisan legislation, worked on by Senators Rubio and Graham both, is coming closer to a vote. The bill, which is believed to be light on border security is causing what could potentially be a major rift in the Republican Party. While some Republicans are strongly in support of what is considered by many to be a “flawed” piece of legislation, others see it as the key to victory in 2016.

Senator Graham warned that blockage of the bill would be a lethal action by the Republican Party. He asserts that this would just continue the party’s failure to reach out to immigrants and garner the Latino and Hispanic vote if those threatening to block actually do. Other Party representatives state, however, that they can simply not support a bill where border security is not prime consideration. It is the containment of the border, the critics say, that matters most to Republican Party members and voters, not amnesty.

Whether intentional or not, the conversation regarding immigration that the President pushed for is clearly causing rifts in the Republican Party. The rush to provide legislation which meets the masses expectations is leaving the Party in a potentially problematic position. Suddenly, the image of a unified party (or the feigned presence of one in opposition to the President) is falling short. Public displays of tension and obvious problems with coming to a unified, majority opinion is showing to the masses (or those paying attention) that the Republican Party is in disagreement over a very key issue in the public’s eyes. Where and how this debate is ended is not yet known. Many officials on Capitol Hill are catering to the Party hierarchy rather than taking into consideration what they are sacrificing in the process.