Marco Rubio, the poster child of Republican hope these days, has been under fire for comments made in a Univision interview. The Senator from Florida asserted that the plan for immigration, one which he seems to back, is that first comes the legalization then securing the borders. As anyone who follows politics could guess, this revelation did not sit well with those on the right who believe that securing the borders is the first step in the immigration battle. Rubio, who is part of the Gang of Eight working in the Senate for immigration reform legislation, seems to contradict himself with this statement, as noted by those following the discussion closely.

Rubio has asserted that he could not fully support the immigration bill that he helped to develop in the Gang of Eight. He asserted that the strength of the border is paramount to a bill that he will show full support to, a position echoed by many in the Republican Party. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said he has doubts about the proposed legislation asserting that the border security issue is not a done deal. It is the work of the Senate, in McConnell’s opinion, that will determine where this bill goes and with serious doubts among Republicans, it is likely to be an uphill battle.

Rubio’s previously strong stance and openness about a need for a secure border and where it fit in his list of priorities for immigration bills has left many on the right scratching their heads and others furious by his claims on Univision. Pundits from Glenn Beck to Ann Coulter and more are lambasting him for being a RINO. It is leaving many trying to figure out Rubio’s true motives and positions and others already writing him off of the 2016 ticket. Time will tell if these statements can be forgiven among top Republicans and pundits but Rubio is feeling the weight of his words.