The Cincinnati Office of the IRS is going rogue or so it would appear. The initial spark that lit the fire that has become the IRS scandal started when complaints began filing in about this particular IRS location. Officials in the IRS did their best to blame those in Cincinnati for utilizing their power inappropriately, but those lower ranking officials did not take the claims lying down.

The Cincinnati office and its employees take offense to Lois Lerner and other IRS officials explaining that their office was an anomaly, taking actions unbeknownst to the larger IRS family. The truth, as has been alleged by the Cincinnati employees, is that they were told to actively investigate and hold the applications for tax-free status for several conservative Tea Party organizations, and those with assumed to be similar viewpoints.

The office, in a sense, is now going rogue. Tired of the blame shifting, they are speaking out amidst the inquiry by Republican and Democratic Officials into how far this discriminatory IRS behavior extends. The two officials that are speaking out and saying where their marching orders came from should be praised. They are taking a risky position in speaking the apparent truth, the truth that so many of those following this story already know, that this was not a one office problem.

The claims of the Cincinnati officials could not have come at a worse time for Lois Lerner, who is clinging to her 5th Amendment rights with vigor and anger. She seems dismayed and frustrated that denial of improper action did not suffice in relinquishing her culpability in the situation. Her position is still unknown at this time and her likelihood of staying in power (as head of Obamacare implementation no less). Hopefully, Lerner will be seeing her way out of any federal, state, or local political endeavor but Administration officials seem slow to dismiss her or even blame her for the obvious. For the good of this country, Lerner’s exit will be sooner rather than later.