Secretary of State John Kerry has announced his support this week for the UN gun treaty. The international organization’s gun law, in essence, states that a country (nation or state in context) would have to evaluate the transporting of guns to a second country or nation. The goal of these efforts would be to determine whether or not said second country would be using the arms for the purpose of human rights violations. The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) does state that the sovereignty of a nation reigns supreme in domestic situations and arms trade, but the implications of these laws are quite frightening.

First and foremost, the question of giving up any rights (domestic and foreign) should be taken as a highly concerning for the United States. Acquiescing powers of arms trades and movements to second and third countries can greatly impact foreign policy and protection. Further, having to check with the UN Secretariat and report where guns are going may seem like a positive but giving our power over for approval is something that should anger Republicans and Democrats alike.

Of course, the left is sugar-coating this issue as a positive. They argue that this will work to help protect our nation and make sure guns are not found in the wrong hands. That would be great, if unicorns and rainbows and sunshine were perpetual realities, but as with many things, there are tremendous concerns. Republicans on the Foreign Relations Committee and throughout Congress are nervous that signing this treaty could be used to control and restrict citizens. Further, they (like those of us who are wary of giving our power to other countries) are concerned that giving over power to an exterior, international group could mean disaster and the release of power we can never get back. All of these are real concerns, and Republicans are rightfully working on legislation that would curtail and intervene in the direct signing of the Treaty by the U.S. Time will tell if their efforts will yield results but the debate is sure to be a hot one.

Do you think the ATT is a good thing or is it another relinquishment of power?