The United States Department of Justice is responsible for enforcement of the laws of the United States. With roots dating back to the Judiciary Act of 1780, the advisory and enforcement capabilities of the DOJ have been an evolving part of the U.S. Government. Today, Attorney General Eric Holder and his team at the Department, are now using their abilities of law enforcement for wiretapping media outlets and investigating the actions of Fox News anchors. Well played DOJ. Well played.

What is so disconcerting about the actions of Eric Holder, is the way in which the whole issue is being handled. Rather than facing his actions and answering on the record, what was so disgustingly done without prior knowledge, Eric Holder is asking to be able to explain, off the record. Republicans and Democrats alike are angered by the insulting and cavalier nature of the actions. Sure, I’ll talk. But I will only talk behind closed doors and in backrooms where you are sworn to keep the information quiet. Well done, Mr. Holder. In attempting to cover your behind you are only serving to make yourself appear shadier. The only meeting you should be holding in the coming weeks is with an employment agency as you seek a new job.

Many media outlets are not unbiased. They lean politically in one direction or the next with (opinion alert!) the
majority of the main news outlets seeming to carry the water for the President’s agenda. This blatant disregard for centuries of privileges that recognize the value of the media is threatening the seemingly tight relationship between the Obama Administration and those in the news. It may be that this unity and bipartisan anger will fade into the night and the Obama Administration and Eric Holder can continue their trampling of civil liberties. Or, the President may just learn the ever important lesson that you never bite the hand that feeds you.

Do you think that Eric Holder is handling this situation appropriately? Are his days at the DOJ numbered? Will this impact the Obama Administration’s relationship with the media?