A mother of seven sits in a Mexican jail. She is charged with having smuggled over ten pounds of marijuana onto a bus in Mexico and transporting it for financial gain. By all accounts and alleged reports, the mother is a devoted caretaker of her children, a wife, and a devout Mormon who has a strong faith in God. A supporter of a country from which her roots sprang, this Arizona resident is being used as a tool for the Mexican cartel and it is time that Republicans and Democrats alike stop sugarcoating the Mexican problem. We are in a silent war with Mexico and both sides need to stop denying reality.

Immigration lands on the forefront of political debate, ebbing and flowing with the vigilance of the people and interests of those with political gain to make. There is the concern over how to handle illegal immigrants who cross the border and gain access to the American dream without rightfully deserving it. There are those calls for action from good, law abiding citizens from all walks of life who know the life they fled and want nothing more than to forget it forever. Cartels run the streets and the internal workings of everything from the police to the government are interlinked with these drug pushers.

Just this year, President Obama made a trip to Central America and spoke about the great and budding economy of the region. He avoided discussions of drugs and the American financial fuel that is promoting cartels and the abuses of power. In a diplomatic way, that may be necessary but is ultimately wrong, he showered the region with flowery praises. How quickly we forget the Fast and Furious scandal, the border security issues, and the blatant Police State that has taken strong firm and hold of the country.

Regardless of the guilt or innocence of this woman, with more facts still coming out daily, the need for an awakening of the horrible state of Mexico needs to be addressed and we as Americans need to be ever vigilante of the issues down south. Republican or Democrat, Mexican or American, it is a real problem and we must wake up. This is not the first seedy act of the Mexico and diplomacy be damned, it will not be the last.

How big is the Mexican threat? Should Americans be concerned or is immigration our biggest concern with the country?