Bachmann Says Goodbye


Filed Under Congress, Latest News on May 29 

Michelle Bachmann announced this week that she will not seek another term as the Representative from the great state of Minnesota. In office since 2007, Bachmann has become a fire storm for both criticism and praise in the Republican Party. Often quick to speak up and criticize the Obama Administration, the Tea Party backed candidate has not been afraid to speak her mind. After a too-close-for comfort victory in 2012, the Congresswoman has herself asserted that reelection concern was not a reason for her dropping from the race. Polls and political discussions, however, suggest that the race may have been an uphill battle for the seasoned politico.

Bachmann has been under scrutiny lately for potentially scandalous behavior behind the scenes. It is alleged that her 2012 campaign for the Republican nomination for President did not act in accordance with all laws, rules, and regulations. Reports allege that the Representative failed to meet financial obligations and misappropriated funds during her seeking of the nomination for President. Reports are surfacing that the FBI may become increasingly involved in the investigation, though to what end or what they may discover is still unknown at this time. Bachmann holds firm in her assertions that she, and her campaign, did nothing wrong and that the accusations will be seen as baseless and are nothing more than political fodder for the left.

Though Bachmann would like us to think that her reasoning of being in office long enough to serve her role to the people is the real reason for her decision, modern politics suggests something different. It appears that the compilation of the accusations and the reelection stress are a bit too much for the Representative to face. Republicans, too, may be somewhat thankful that she is leaving office now. The Representative, who calls regularly for the impeachment of the President and has made some less than popular positions known publically, has received criticism from within the Republican Party as well. Surely, though, the outspoken GOP leader will not go quietly away. Speculation abounds on what her next role will be and where she will be seen next.