Reports have surfaced that TimeGate, the development company behind gaming titles such as Aliens: Colonial Marines and FEAR Files, have released several members of their staff recently. The move is not completely shocking as the company was forced into bankruptcy proceedings just a week ago and it became public knowledge of the debt issues the company was having. Not much detail is known at this time about who was directly impacted by the employment cuts or whether the move was purely fiscal or creatively linked.

In early March of 2013, TimeGate had another round of layoffs. Noting the switch from current to more modern gaming consoles and the streamlining of financial holdings as the motives, the first round of layoffs were a clear sign of stress and, sadly, more things to come from the company. It is still, however, unknown just how many developers and staff were affected and if the TimeGate company will be able to continue developing games in the future.

As aforementioned, consumers and game aficionados are not all shocked, or disappointed, by the news, while others are questioning the move with a bit more scrutiny. Recent craftsmanship of the TimesGate developed games has been called into question with some clients believing that an overhaul would be a revitalization of the business for the better. Owing millions of dollars in debt, however, could place the TimeGate franchise on a path of fiscal restraint and concern that may be difficult to overcome. Time will be the greatest predictor of the longevity of the company and if TimeGate can bounce back from its current fiscal situation.