A top White House adviser, as he is being called, was whisked out by the Administration in order to face the fire of the Sunday talk shows. After watching him for only a few short minutes, it became clear that Dan Pfeiffer may himself not have known what his role in the media wrangling was. Pfeiffer clung to a narrative of deny and twist while confronting a rapid firing of questions. The result was a less than ideal moment for both Pfeiffer and the White House as a whole.

For those interviewing Pfeiffer, it became clear pretty early on that there would be no straightforward questions and no clear and definitive answers, unsurprising to those who know the Obama Administration well. The man was sent out to deny, deny, deny, blame Republican officials, and deny some more. The old tagline that it is the Republicans playing politics was heard woven throughout this Sunday tails and there was another adherence to the old “passing the buck” rather than “the buck stops here” philosophy of this Administration.

News reporters and the media may be starting to show cracks in the solid foundation they have built in their relationship. There was obvious frustration and disdain that the White House had paraded Pfeiffer out instead of someone who would provide actual journalistic worth to the conversation. Now, as we all know, many diehard reporters (liberal) who are more involved with keeping the warm tingly feelings than doing actual work are not going to stray too long. Still, though, the idea that the media may be finally waking up to the game that has been perpetuated against them is interesting at least to watch.

I do not know, though, if some in our mainstream media who feign themselves as journalists are angry because they are not able to get the information they want for information’s sake or angry because they cannot get the details they need in order to create a narrative of protection around the President. Only time will tell where this relationship leads and if there is a shifting in the media’s approach. With a 53% approval rating among the public, astonishingly, it is likely the media will continue to play to their base once this little tiff is over. Sigh…

Thoughts? Do you think the media’s love affair with the President is over or are they just taking a break?