IRS Commissioner Steven Miller sat in testimony this week, dodging questions about his agency’s role in the investigation of different conservative groups and patriot associated groups. Miller, who was planning on retiring soon anyway, appears to be the fall guy for this scandal. Though assuredly he had some role, what we do not know, Miller is the one to blame in order that others may avoid it all together.

Under intense and exhausting questioning that led to more questions than answers, Miller stood strong in his refusal to break silence on the other names that could have been involved in this situation. A situation that President Obama said he learned about with the rest of the world just by watching the news. He is the perfect person to choose for President Obama to avoid more scrutiny in that he was leaving anyway, he appears not to be an open book, and he is protecting the administration from being blamed.

Yet, it appears that Republican leaders in congress are not going to let go of the issue any time soon. When you have a question of political discrimination at hand, it is best to follow the trail from start to finish until all answers are known. It is my hope that the twisting and turning of the Obama Administration’s rhetoric does not prevent a full investigation from occurring and that, just as the Obama Administration can find themselves involved in many simultaneously, the investigation of one scandal need not take precedence over another. Though not good at multitasking, it is time that our government (whether they want to use it as a tool to politic…or not) follows through on finding all of the answers that we as the American people deserve to know. No, this scandal did not see the loss of life that Benghazi did, but it is nonetheless equally detrimental to the future of this country if not investigated fully.