What I see on the face of the President is a man who is being forced to face his own (political) vulnerability. Up until, scandals seemed to roll off of the President like droplets of rain off of an umbrella. The man was invincible, politically speaking, dodging scandal after scandal with an arrogance and lack of realization that was highly frustrating to those of us who thought him much more vulnerable than the public at large. With the recent IRS scandals, the overt ignorance regarding Benghazi, and the AP oversight (if you will… bugging of phones if you won’t), the President is looking more than just incompetent but utterly confused that his (failed) hope and change lines aren’t continuing to distract the public.

The President has never been truly challenged in the media. He has failed to address critiques by using the old tagline that it is the Fox News viewers that are distorting the true issues, which his admirers gobbled up like turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. Now, it is found out that the IRS scandal may or may not have been known to him without a quick response or action taken. Benghazi has been this football he kept punting down the road to the next guy, or the next, rather than being the leader he should have been. Now, he has turned on a friend and angered a supporter in the bugging of the AP and phone tapping of those who write many favorable reports on his behalf.

This is what we critics of the President feared: A Chicago style political approach that hearkened back to the days of the big political bosses of yesteryear. The President scoffed at accusations that he would be anything but a “uniter” or a post-partisan President. He can no longer run from his own vulnerability but is being faced with it time and again. He is being challenged and feels less control over his public image and I think this, not the issues at hand and of importance, are truly ticking him off. No longer is he the golden child but a politician that is facing mutiny both in his non-lemming and thinking public as well as the media. It was bound to happen, sir… maybe now you can realize you have to do more than campaign and blame Republican officials but actually lead.