Mark Sanford is back! The former governor who was embroiled in scandal has run for, and successfully won, an election for a seat in the House representing the state of South Carolina. The man that disgraced his family and the office (though, not the first and certainly not the last) is now a member of the U.S. government and will be bringing his opinions to Capitol Hill. Oh… the SNL skits are writing themselves.

Self-admitted, I am a conservative, Republican-leaning individual. A person who is pro-gun, pro-life, and pro-small government, I tend to like seeing more conservative voices head to the Hill. It would work in my opinions favor (or at least help stack the deck). But that is not all I am. I am an individual who believes in the redemptive spirit, in morality, and that government should contain individuals who are trustworthy and respectable (I know… naïve but in an ideal world…). I believe in forgiveness. I believe that someone can act out and receive God’s grace and that lives can change. I am not one to judge whether Sanford has received this eternal pardon or not. Yet, his impression on the Sunday talk shows and in interviews is more smug than regretful and this I have a problem with.

Sanford makes an almost joke over his victory, as if he himself cannot believe it. I cannot believe it myself. As aforementioned, I believe in the power of forgiveness. I even believe in self-forgiveness as well. But, to make an almost joke out of what he did, is problematic. What we need on Capitol Hill is not more men or women that view themselves as invincible or untouchable. We need not more men that see themselves as above the laws of morality and of consequences. That is, what I fear, Mark Sanford exudes and that is truly terrifying. There goes another ego to Washington, but, maybe, that is where they all belong. At least the character assessment is more readily made.