The Internal Revenue Service is under fire this week as news reports have surfaced that show that they were involved in illegal activities. Specifically, individuals in the IRS are said to have taken a more than close look at the taxes of those in the Tea Party, or assumed to be associated with patriot groups. Sources are now saying that top officials at the IRS had knowledge of the close examination of Tea Party related groups and that the chain of responsibility extends high up into the agency, a problem that goes far beyond just a mistake. Democrats especially need to be aware of the concerns that this poses.

The IRS taking a closer look at any political group is extremely problematic. First, it appears to be part of a greater fear and paranoia about a group that has been downplayed by the current administration. Though, at this point, there is no (known) connection between the President and the actions of the IRS, the idea that a group such as the tea party movement can cause such fear or anger that increased investigation is thought to be necessary shows that there is an inherent concern. Why investigate if the group posed no political threat or concern? In investigation, there is legitimization.

Another reason that this is problematic (especially for the current administration) is that it has given Republican officials and supporters a chance at another political play. There is the obvious political fodder and that should alarm liberal officials. Democrats will, inevitably, have to run again for President and, though frustrating, they have a chance at winning. Moments like this should cause them alarm because it is something else to use against them in the upcoming election… (notwithstanding Benghazi).

Further, the other major problem and the one that should strike fear in Republicans and Democrats alike, is the idea of Big Brother extending its grubby hands. The IRS looking into the lives of certain groups, political or not, can create a larger problem of consistent oversight that simply need not be. If it can be done when a Democrat is in power, what stops a Republican administration from doing the same? It is the idea that the government should target specific groups and engage in increased examination of citizens that should alarm all individuals. There is a hesitance that permeates when it pertains to radical Muslims but not the average citizen or organization that has done nothing wrong. This is problematic, frightening, and a reminder that we are only one more release of personal freedom away from losing this nation as we know it.