The United States Department of Justice is responsible for enforcement of the laws of the United States. With roots dating back to the Judiciary Act of 1780, the advisory and enforcement capabilities of the DOJ have been an evolving part of the U.S. Government. Today, Attorney General Eric Holder and his team at the Department, are now using their abilities of law enforcement for wiretapping media outlets and investigating the actions of Fox News anchors. Well played DOJ. Well played.

What is so disconcerting about the actions of Eric Holder, is the way in which the whole issue is being handled. Rather than facing his actions and answering on the record, what was so disgustingly done without prior knowledge, Eric Holder is asking to be able to explain, off the record. Republicans and Democrats alike are angered by the insulting and cavalier nature of the actions. Sure, I’ll talk. But I will only talk behind closed doors and in backrooms where you are sworn to keep the information quiet. Well done, Mr. Holder. In attempting to cover your behind you are only serving to make yourself appear shadier. The only meeting you should be holding in the coming weeks is with an employment agency as you seek a new job.

Many media outlets are not unbiased. They lean politically in one direction or the next with (opinion alert!) the
majority of the main news outlets seeming to carry the water for the President’s agenda. This blatant disregard for centuries of privileges that recognize the value of the media is threatening the seemingly tight relationship between the Obama Administration and those in the news. It may be that this unity and bipartisan anger will fade into the night and the Obama Administration and Eric Holder can continue their trampling of civil liberties. Or, the President may just learn the ever important lesson that you never bite the hand that feeds you.

Do you think that Eric Holder is handling this situation appropriately? Are his days at the DOJ numbered? Will this impact the Obama Administration’s relationship with the media?

A mother of seven sits in a Mexican jail. She is charged with having smuggled over ten pounds of marijuana onto a bus in Mexico and transporting it for financial gain. By all accounts and alleged reports, the mother is a devoted caretaker of her children, a wife, and a devout Mormon who has a strong faith in God. A supporter of a country from which her roots sprang, this Arizona resident is being used as a tool for the Mexican cartel and it is time that Republicans and Democrats alike stop sugarcoating the Mexican problem. We are in a silent war with Mexico and both sides need to stop denying reality.

Immigration lands on the forefront of political debate, ebbing and flowing with the vigilance of the people and interests of those with political gain to make. There is the concern over how to handle illegal immigrants who cross the border and gain access to the American dream without rightfully deserving it. There are those calls for action from good, law abiding citizens from all walks of life who know the life they fled and want nothing more than to forget it forever. Cartels run the streets and the internal workings of everything from the police to the government are interlinked with these drug pushers.

Just this year, President Obama made a trip to Central America and spoke about the great and budding economy of the region. He avoided discussions of drugs and the American financial fuel that is promoting cartels and the abuses of power. In a diplomatic way, that may be necessary but is ultimately wrong, he showered the region with flowery praises. How quickly we forget the Fast and Furious scandal, the border security issues, and the blatant Police State that has taken strong firm and hold of the country.

Regardless of the guilt or innocence of this woman, with more facts still coming out daily, the need for an awakening of the horrible state of Mexico needs to be addressed and we as Americans need to be ever vigilante of the issues down south. Republican or Democrat, Mexican or American, it is a real problem and we must wake up. This is not the first seedy act of the Mexico and diplomacy be damned, it will not be the last.

How big is the Mexican threat? Should Americans be concerned or is immigration our biggest concern with the country?

Bachmann Says Goodbye


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Michelle Bachmann announced this week that she will not seek another term as the Representative from the great state of Minnesota. In office since 2007, Bachmann has become a fire storm for both criticism and praise in the Republican Party. Often quick to speak up and criticize the Obama Administration, the Tea Party backed candidate has not been afraid to speak her mind. After a too-close-for comfort victory in 2012, the Congresswoman has herself asserted that reelection concern was not a reason for her dropping from the race. Polls and political discussions, however, suggest that the race may have been an uphill battle for the seasoned politico.

Bachmann has been under scrutiny lately for potentially scandalous behavior behind the scenes. It is alleged that her 2012 campaign for the Republican nomination for President did not act in accordance with all laws, rules, and regulations. Reports allege that the Representative failed to meet financial obligations and misappropriated funds during her seeking of the nomination for President. Reports are surfacing that the FBI may become increasingly involved in the investigation, though to what end or what they may discover is still unknown at this time. Bachmann holds firm in her assertions that she, and her campaign, did nothing wrong and that the accusations will be seen as baseless and are nothing more than political fodder for the left.

Though Bachmann would like us to think that her reasoning of being in office long enough to serve her role to the people is the real reason for her decision, modern politics suggests something different. It appears that the compilation of the accusations and the reelection stress are a bit too much for the Representative to face. Republicans, too, may be somewhat thankful that she is leaving office now. The Representative, who calls regularly for the impeachment of the President and has made some less than popular positions known publically, has received criticism from within the Republican Party as well. Surely, though, the outspoken GOP leader will not go quietly away. Speculation abounds on what her next role will be and where she will be seen next.

Political correctness is running amuck in our current world and in our current administration. The idea that we cannot call something exactly what is for fear of offending others is becoming an ever growing problem. From illegal immigrant to radical Islam, the current administration is becoming the poster child of avoiding the issue in order to save face or not offend. Well, maybe a little offense is a good thing.

President Obama, much to many a Republican and conservative surprise (or not…) avoided connecting the dots between radical Islamists and the heinous act in London that left one British soldier disgustingly murdered in the street. The perpetrators were heard, in their own words, speaking about jihad and radical actions based upon their Islamic beliefs. But, we cannot say that they are radical members of a particular religion so as not to offend those who may practice peacefully. Crazy? A little.

The fact cannot be ignored that we ARE at war with a radical sect of Islam. The Boston Bombers, 9/11 hijackers, the underwear bomber, Fort Hood Shooters, and the most recent London attackers have been radicalized and believe they are on a religious war. In many of their own words, it is clear that they are fighting in the name of religion so why not take their actions as such? Who are we worried about offending with the truth? Maybe if we called it what it is it would make no difference except to show them that we will not bow to their type of beliefs that harm our citizens and our world.

Yes, there are radicals in every group. As a person who is white, I am not offended by the term “white supremacist” as an affront to my racial background. They are a particular group of people that I am aware exist, wish desperately that they did not believe in what they profess, and believe this world would be better without. But, am I offended when the term is used? No, because there is a clear delineation between myself and them: we do not share the same beliefs! The term radical Islamists is not the same as the “n” word. It is not a slur but a statement of fact. Radical Islamists exist, they hate us, and running from the term only confuses the issue and paints a rosy picture on a group that deserves no such thing. Sometimes there is an “us against them”, and the western world needs to recognize that avoiding calling it what it is will not change it.

Do you think that the term Radical Islam is offensive such as a slur would be? Do you think the Obama Administration is right in avoiding the use of the words Radical Islam for fear of offense? Or does it matter at all.

The right to avoid self-incrimination is an important one. Bounded in the 5th Amendment of the Constitution is a protection that says you need not ever accept a position in court that has you witnessing against yourself. The Amendment in its essence contains a direct response to the Founders’ fear of a centralized and strong government, with due process portions and the right to proper treatment in the courts of law. Ironically, it is now those members of the centralized government that are clinging to the fifth amendment for dear life in an attempt to protect themselves from the people.

Lois Lerner testified this week at the House Ways and Means Committee on her involvement in the IRS scandal. Allegedly, and with a great deal of evidence quickly pouring in, she stands at the forefront of a long list of individuals who (allegedly) targeted conservative groups as they attempted to seek nonprofit status. Though the President’s brother appears to have been rushed through this process (allegedly), Tea Party and patriot groups that were conservatively leaning were told that the process would take months and it did.

Lerner did provide an opening statement to the Congress, potentially negating her waiver to appear. The question becomes if Lerner’s 5th Amendment adherence was negated when she chose to not only make a statement but signed her agreement to answers she had previously been given. Some Congressional questioners have asserted that they will recall Lerner in hopes that she will be prepared to talk and answer the questions they so desperately want the resolutions to, like did this investigative action rise to the level that President Obama himself knew and remained silent?

Ironically, Lerner who is not new to controversy and has been a proponent of some heightened scrutiny of conservative groups, is now hiding behind the Constitution rights that she is afforded by that great document. The same rights that Tea Party Activists believe so important and worth protesting over (fiscal restraint as well) are now being touted by a woman unwilling to answer questions of her involvement. Irony at its finest and worst all at the same time.

Reports have surfaced that TimeGate, the development company behind gaming titles such as Aliens: Colonial Marines and FEAR Files, have released several members of their staff recently. The move is not completely shocking as the company was forced into bankruptcy proceedings just a week ago and it became public knowledge of the debt issues the company was having. Not much detail is known at this time about who was directly impacted by the employment cuts or whether the move was purely fiscal or creatively linked.

In early March of 2013, TimeGate had another round of layoffs. Noting the switch from current to more modern gaming consoles and the streamlining of financial holdings as the motives, the first round of layoffs were a clear sign of stress and, sadly, more things to come from the company. It is still, however, unknown just how many developers and staff were affected and if the TimeGate company will be able to continue developing games in the future.

As aforementioned, consumers and game aficionados are not all shocked, or disappointed, by the news, while others are questioning the move with a bit more scrutiny. Recent craftsmanship of the TimesGate developed games has been called into question with some clients believing that an overhaul would be a revitalization of the business for the better. Owing millions of dollars in debt, however, could place the TimeGate franchise on a path of fiscal restraint and concern that may be difficult to overcome. Time will be the greatest predictor of the longevity of the company and if TimeGate can bounce back from its current fiscal situation.

A top White House adviser, as he is being called, was whisked out by the Administration in order to face the fire of the Sunday talk shows. After watching him for only a few short minutes, it became clear that Dan Pfeiffer may himself not have known what his role in the media wrangling was. Pfeiffer clung to a narrative of deny and twist while confronting a rapid firing of questions. The result was a less than ideal moment for both Pfeiffer and the White House as a whole.

For those interviewing Pfeiffer, it became clear pretty early on that there would be no straightforward questions and no clear and definitive answers, unsurprising to those who know the Obama Administration well. The man was sent out to deny, deny, deny, blame Republican officials, and deny some more. The old tagline that it is the Republicans playing politics was heard woven throughout this Sunday tails and there was another adherence to the old “passing the buck” rather than “the buck stops here” philosophy of this Administration.

News reporters and the media may be starting to show cracks in the solid foundation they have built in their relationship. There was obvious frustration and disdain that the White House had paraded Pfeiffer out instead of someone who would provide actual journalistic worth to the conversation. Now, as we all know, many diehard reporters (liberal) who are more involved with keeping the warm tingly feelings than doing actual work are not going to stray too long. Still, though, the idea that the media may be finally waking up to the game that has been perpetuated against them is interesting at least to watch.

I do not know, though, if some in our mainstream media who feign themselves as journalists are angry because they are not able to get the information they want for information’s sake or angry because they cannot get the details they need in order to create a narrative of protection around the President. Only time will tell where this relationship leads and if there is a shifting in the media’s approach. With a 53% approval rating among the public, astonishingly, it is likely the media will continue to play to their base once this little tiff is over. Sigh…

Thoughts? Do you think the media’s love affair with the President is over or are they just taking a break?

IRS Commissioner Steven Miller sat in testimony this week, dodging questions about his agency’s role in the investigation of different conservative groups and patriot associated groups. Miller, who was planning on retiring soon anyway, appears to be the fall guy for this scandal. Though assuredly he had some role, what we do not know, Miller is the one to blame in order that others may avoid it all together.

Under intense and exhausting questioning that led to more questions than answers, Miller stood strong in his refusal to break silence on the other names that could have been involved in this situation. A situation that President Obama said he learned about with the rest of the world just by watching the news. He is the perfect person to choose for President Obama to avoid more scrutiny in that he was leaving anyway, he appears not to be an open book, and he is protecting the administration from being blamed.

Yet, it appears that Republican leaders in congress are not going to let go of the issue any time soon. When you have a question of political discrimination at hand, it is best to follow the trail from start to finish until all answers are known. It is my hope that the twisting and turning of the Obama Administration’s rhetoric does not prevent a full investigation from occurring and that, just as the Obama Administration can find themselves involved in many simultaneously, the investigation of one scandal need not take precedence over another. Though not good at multitasking, it is time that our government (whether they want to use it as a tool to politic…or not) follows through on finding all of the answers that we as the American people deserve to know. No, this scandal did not see the loss of life that Benghazi did, but it is nonetheless equally detrimental to the future of this country if not investigated fully.

What I see on the face of the President is a man who is being forced to face his own (political) vulnerability. Up until, scandals seemed to roll off of the President like droplets of rain off of an umbrella. The man was invincible, politically speaking, dodging scandal after scandal with an arrogance and lack of realization that was highly frustrating to those of us who thought him much more vulnerable than the public at large. With the recent IRS scandals, the overt ignorance regarding Benghazi, and the AP oversight (if you will… bugging of phones if you won’t), the President is looking more than just incompetent but utterly confused that his (failed) hope and change lines aren’t continuing to distract the public.

The President has never been truly challenged in the media. He has failed to address critiques by using the old tagline that it is the Fox News viewers that are distorting the true issues, which his admirers gobbled up like turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. Now, it is found out that the IRS scandal may or may not have been known to him without a quick response or action taken. Benghazi has been this football he kept punting down the road to the next guy, or the next, rather than being the leader he should have been. Now, he has turned on a friend and angered a supporter in the bugging of the AP and phone tapping of those who write many favorable reports on his behalf.

This is what we critics of the President feared: A Chicago style political approach that hearkened back to the days of the big political bosses of yesteryear. The President scoffed at accusations that he would be anything but a “uniter” or a post-partisan President. He can no longer run from his own vulnerability but is being faced with it time and again. He is being challenged and feels less control over his public image and I think this, not the issues at hand and of importance, are truly ticking him off. No longer is he the golden child but a politician that is facing mutiny both in his non-lemming and thinking public as well as the media. It was bound to happen, sir… maybe now you can realize you have to do more than campaign and blame Republican officials but actually lead.

From the boys over at PowerLine. File this one under “Things that make you go ‘Hmmmmmmm’….”

Reports are swirling, though absent from many media outlets, that Kermit Gosnell was not the only one practicing his horrendous approach to medical services to women. In Texas, another man is under scrutiny with whistleblowers saying he performed disgusting and brutal late-term abortions (births with subsequent murder as I believe). Allegedly, babies were born and then quickly had their spinal cords cut and even were decapitated as a way to end their minute long life. Toes were wiggling then suddenly stopped. Chests were pounding with working hearts that were quickly silenced. Women were treated like cattle shuffled in and out with blood dripping and aftercare scarce. Saddest of all, this is not the only other case that is likely to be found and it will not be the last time we hear of such heinous acts.

What does this say about our culture as a whole? Why are more people not standing up and saying something about the grotesque practices that are killing the innocent of this generation in a silent holocaust that could have rippling effects for generations to come? The reason, I reassert, is that this issue has become more of a political keystone rather than a moral one. It is Republican v. Democrat instead of good v. evil and that is our saddest tragedy of all.

It is time we stopped looking at the Kermit Gosnells of the world as anything related to the issue of abortion. We need instead to look at them as monsters and murderers who are grotesquely maiming women and brutally murdering the youngest members of this community. It is time that we as a nation said enough is enough. Partial birth abortions that require disgusting and inhumane acts as this are removed from the “medical” community. This will be a true advancement in women’s rights and human rights, not a gun ban from international organizations that have no bearing on our current situation.

There is an old joke about communism muses about what would happen if the desert ever became communist. The answer is, “nothing for a while, and then there would be a shortage of sand.”  Communism and Socialism have failed spectacularly every single place they’ve been implemented and yet there remains a school of thought that government can run economies better than markets can.

Today’s example of a failed government command economy is found in Venezuela. This Latin American country sits on vast reserves of one of the hottest commodities in the world right now – Oil. The world runs on oil. Demand for this commodity causes people to go literally to the ends of the earth in search of it. Find yourself a patch of oil to sell and there will be buyers lining up at your door with barrels.

So, one would think that a country sitting on such wealth would have enough cash to provide basic necessities for its population. I don’t know about you, but one thing I never buy off the discount rack or bottom shelf is toilet paper. It’s a basic necessity of life. TP is right up there with alcohol, cigarettes, and booze in the hierarchy of things to hoard in the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, Venezuela. There’s a nationwide shortage of toilet paper. That’s right, Dear Reader. Toilet paper.

The laws of supply and demand are not subject to the whims of government price controls. I submit that the demand for toilet paper is about as elastic as a steel rod. People want what they need and they need toilet paper in Venezuela.

President Nicolas Maduro, successor to Hugo Chavez, is now getting a lesson in basic economics. He blames “anti-government forces, including the private sector” for causing the shortages in an effort to destabilize the country.

Sound familiar?

Holder behaving badly


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Somedays I almost feel sorry for Attorney General Eric Holder. Then I remember that he’s Eric Holder and the feeling quickly goes away.

One of the myriad responsibilities of the head of an executive branch agency is that of going up to Capitol Hill and explaining your agencies conduct – or mis-conduct as the case may be – to the people who pay the bills. Those people are commonly referred to as the US Congress. I believe it was the late William Buckley who mused that he’d rather be governed by the first 535 names in the phone book than by the US Congress, but as that’s the system we have we get to live with the Congress we have.

One of the main complaints I hear emanating from the White House is that about the increasing coarseness of political discourse. As a student of history I dismiss this complaint as unfounded. That said, one would expect those representing the Executive Branch to set an example of class and good behavior when on the political stage.

Unless you’re Eric Holder.

Today Mr. Holder took his seat before Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA). His job  there was to answer questions posed by the committee. Sometimes these exchanges can get quite heated and today was no exception. Issa took the opportunity to lambaste Holder for the Department of Justice’s penchant for ” purposely and repeatedly keeping information from Congress.” Bear in mind that this assertion is not in dispute. The DOJ’s cooperation in regards to the Fast and Furious scandal has been nothing short of reprehensible – and that’s just one example of many.

Now, instead of taking his licks like a man, Holder let loose with a personal attack the likes of which I cannot remember. Said the sitting Attorney General to Chairman Issa:

No, that’s what you typically do. That is inappropriate and is too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress. It’s unacceptable and it’s shameful. (Video Link)

Say what you want about Issa, the man took a shot at the head of an executive branch agency about the behavior of the agency. That’s a Congressman engaging in congressional oversight of the Executive Branch. That is his duty as a member of Congress. Holder’s job is to answer for the actions of his agency. Instead of doing that he attacked the committee chairman on a personal level.

Eric Holder is not charged with being the arbiter of what is “inappropriate”, “unacceptable”, or “shameful” with regards to the US Congress. He is charged with running the Department of Justice in an appropriate and acceptable manner – something he has yet to do.

It is an absolute failure of leadership that this man continues to hold the title of America’s chief law enforcement officer. Do I expect the President of the United States to hold the Attorney General responsible for his disrespectful actions on Capitol Hill? No. if past behavior is indicative future actions, Obama will find out about this next week on the evening news.

Mark Sanford is back! The former governor who was embroiled in scandal has run for, and successfully won, an election for a seat in the House representing the state of South Carolina. The man that disgraced his family and the office (though, not the first and certainly not the last) is now a member of the U.S. government and will be bringing his opinions to Capitol Hill. Oh… the SNL skits are writing themselves.

Self-admitted, I am a conservative, Republican-leaning individual. A person who is pro-gun, pro-life, and pro-small government, I tend to like seeing more conservative voices head to the Hill. It would work in my opinions favor (or at least help stack the deck). But that is not all I am. I am an individual who believes in the redemptive spirit, in morality, and that government should contain individuals who are trustworthy and respectable (I know… naïve but in an ideal world…). I believe in forgiveness. I believe that someone can act out and receive God’s grace and that lives can change. I am not one to judge whether Sanford has received this eternal pardon or not. Yet, his impression on the Sunday talk shows and in interviews is more smug than regretful and this I have a problem with.

Sanford makes an almost joke over his victory, as if he himself cannot believe it. I cannot believe it myself. As aforementioned, I believe in the power of forgiveness. I even believe in self-forgiveness as well. But, to make an almost joke out of what he did, is problematic. What we need on Capitol Hill is not more men or women that view themselves as invincible or untouchable. We need not more men that see themselves as above the laws of morality and of consequences. That is, what I fear, Mark Sanford exudes and that is truly terrifying. There goes another ego to Washington, but, maybe, that is where they all belong. At least the character assessment is more readily made.

There needs to be an admission of failure. Somewhere, someone messed up… and they messed up big time. Whoever denied the extra security at the consulate in Benghazi and whoever chose to pass up the opportunity to aid our officials in the region when they so desperately needed help need to face the music, for lack of better terminology. Mothers have lost their sons, children have lost their fathers, and there is this need to protect politically above all else. It truly is sickening and no where does the division between Republican and Democrat fit in this equation. No where.

I know it will be said that this happens on both sides, and it does. But does that make it right? NO. It is time that the American people became involved and spoke up. We want the answers. We want the truth. We want to know what happened and why. Why is there a man in jail taking blame for the video that was not the cause of the deaths of our American citizens? Why did a memo go through multiple revisions before it reached the public’s ears? Why did we turn our backs when help was needed and the military so desperately wanted to correct the situation?

There are no simple answers to these questions. And, though I myself am guilty at times, we must step back from viewing this in any way as a political issue. Yes, there will be political fallout. That is a given. Yet, looking at it that way will only cause the muddying of the waters to the point that no one will be able to see the truth. It is time that those who messed up step forward and takes their punishments. That would be the most respectable, most commendable, and most appreciated move of all. Still, though, the consistent shift of blame happens with those with political futures running scared. It is pitiful. It is inexcusable. It is wearing thin.

The Internal Revenue Service is under fire this week as news reports have surfaced that show that they were involved in illegal activities. Specifically, individuals in the IRS are said to have taken a more than close look at the taxes of those in the Tea Party, or assumed to be associated with patriot groups. Sources are now saying that top officials at the IRS had knowledge of the close examination of Tea Party related groups and that the chain of responsibility extends high up into the agency, a problem that goes far beyond just a mistake. Democrats especially need to be aware of the concerns that this poses.

The IRS taking a closer look at any political group is extremely problematic. First, it appears to be part of a greater fear and paranoia about a group that has been downplayed by the current administration. Though, at this point, there is no (known) connection between the President and the actions of the IRS, the idea that a group such as the tea party movement can cause such fear or anger that increased investigation is thought to be necessary shows that there is an inherent concern. Why investigate if the group posed no political threat or concern? In investigation, there is legitimization.

Another reason that this is problematic (especially for the current administration) is that it has given Republican officials and supporters a chance at another political play. There is the obvious political fodder and that should alarm liberal officials. Democrats will, inevitably, have to run again for President and, though frustrating, they have a chance at winning. Moments like this should cause them alarm because it is something else to use against them in the upcoming election… (notwithstanding Benghazi).

Further, the other major problem and the one that should strike fear in Republicans and Democrats alike, is the idea of Big Brother extending its grubby hands. The IRS looking into the lives of certain groups, political or not, can create a larger problem of consistent oversight that simply need not be. If it can be done when a Democrat is in power, what stops a Republican administration from doing the same? It is the idea that the government should target specific groups and engage in increased examination of citizens that should alarm all individuals. There is a hesitance that permeates when it pertains to radical Muslims but not the average citizen or organization that has done nothing wrong. This is problematic, frightening, and a reminder that we are only one more release of personal freedom away from losing this nation as we know it.

Heckling may not be the most effective way to express an opposing opinion, but at least there’s a glimpse of hope that not everyone buys into the valueless words coming out of the President’s mouth.

Obama faced a heckler again this week with an uncanny response. “This is part of the lively debate we talked about,” was the President’s remark. He hasn’t fooled me, but the President has zero success for positive outcomes from debate. The reason being, he simply doesn’t absorb, listen, consider, or acknowledge any thought, opinion, or idea different than his own. This is the main ingredient in the recipe for the disaster this country has endured for nearly 5 years.

Check out the video here.

Republican Mark Sanford defeats Democrat Elizabeth Colbert in the South Carolina Special Election today. There hasn’t been a Democratic congressional representative in the district in decades, but there were certainly concerns leading up to the election. A win is a win, and former governor Sanford won. We’ll take a Republican victory anywhere we can get one.

Senator Marco Rubio requested a study regarding job creation as a result of immigration reform. The Social Security Administration found that the immigration bill could potentially create 3.22 million jobs by 2024.

And this just in; Some Democrats are concerned Obamacare will fail because not enough people will sign up. Yes, that is their concern.




Chances are that if you are living in the United States and have some connection to popular culture, even in the most distant of ways, that you have heard of the hit television program Duck Dynasty. The wildly entertaining foray into a Southern family’s life is more than just funny and quirky. It is a glimpse into morals and values that at sometimes I fear have been long forgotten.

Duck Dynasty tells the tale of the Robertson Clan who, starting from an idea for a duck call, have developed a multimillion dollar company. Yet, along the way to their place in the popular culture, the sense of family and God was never lost. They continue to promote on their show family values, Christian beliefs, and respect for (as they would call it) ‘kin’.

Social media erupts on Wednesdays when the show airs in discussions of what Uncle Si said or what Willy is wearing. There is cross-cultural and socioeconomic sharing of laughter over this show. Politically incorrect at times…I mean who openly discusses God in the public forum without fear of backlash or heads out hunting and fishing without worrying what the anti-gun contingencies or PETA might say…it hearkens back to a time when all was not right but it was well and there were solid foundations that could not be shaken.

There is hope in what the Robertson Clan has put on the show. They do not profess to be Democrat or Republican in their beliefs. They do not promote a sex-driven lifestyle or hard partying. No, not the Robertsons. Instead what the show demonstrates is a sense that America, I believe, is yearning for the Andy Griffith mentality (as Phil Robertson himself said in an interview with Fox 411) and that call back to a time when God and family were number one and money was secondary. These men are millionaires, have stunning wives, and children that could have stepped from the pages of a GAP advertisement. But, that is just upon first glance. What these men really have is a sense of humility and charity, wives that are equally as beautiful as they are smart and supporters of their husbands, and children who are well-rounded and loved (whether through biological connections or adoptive roots). There is something beautiful that transcends the Duck Dynasty movement and I, for one, see a glimmer of hope from yesteryear that may just not be gone forever.